Monday, November 22, 2010

Why I shouldn't try to be friendly with my co-workers

Me: Oh God I hope I didn't leave anything weird open on my computer upstairs. I mean, not, you know, weird, like how to make napalm, just... things like that article on cracked about the guy who was obsessed with P. Diddy, and he had over 100,000 exercise books filled with songs he wrote about P. Diddy, and all these letters for P. Diddy. Things like that (nervous laughing because I have just realised how completely psychotic I sound)

Warehouse guy: It's interesting how some people choose to spend their time.

Me: Yeah, I mean imagine being obsessed with P. Diddy, why him? ... oh wait. You mean me, don't you?

Other warehouse guy: Are you a serial killer?

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