Thursday, September 16, 2010

"My father says smoking makes you dead. You go all black inside"

A certain person on my facebook just posted pictures of themselves on their trip around Europe (yes, I am seething with jealousy). I just noticed in one of them her friends are smoking and the caption is "eww cancer sucks". The rest of her pictures consist of her sunbathing and showing off her progressive tan. Sorry, what was that about cancer?

Sometimes I feel bad for smokers. I don't advocate smoking of course, it's terrible for you and horrible to watch a family member slowly deteriorate because they "can't" stop smoking. Let's however keep in mind these people have an addiction, and for that they are treated like the scum of the earth.

Person 1: Wait a minute... are you a (gasp) smoker?
Person 2: Oh, my stars! Oh, heavens, no. I do however have several dead bodies buried in my backyard.
Person 1: Well thank goodness for that!


  1. I feel sorry for old smoking people... but I'm quite brutal to people my age that smoke because it's always been drilled into you not to. I'm like... 'why would you even take that up?'
    I also yell at people who 'social smoke' but say they're not going to get addicted. That's how most people get addicted nowadays man!

    But I do feel the addiction thing too. Like me with food. So hard. Except with smoking you can just cut it out entirely, but with food you have to keep eating it but monitor it, which is so hard!
    I love food.

  2. Smoking is such a tricky topic. I get exhausted and sad just debating it in my own head.

    I love food too Gracie! Kindred spirits haha