Thursday, June 3, 2010

Today I finally bit the bullet and decided to study. That was at 7.30am. First I decided to make a coffee. Then watch skins and do a bit of textiles. Then check facebook. Then eat a sandwich. Then make a cup of tea or two. Finally, four hours later, I pulled out my lecture notes.

Something important I'd like to remember for future reference: If I'm making the effort to go to a lecture I should probably start by taking actual notes. Most of the things I've written down can be best described as the nonsensical rambling of a drunk four year old, and I have benefited in absolutely no way at all for having re-read them. I'm not even sure where to start, perhaps it was:
"BLERG" written down the side of the page multiple times
"A. Streeton- practised a lot"- he practised what? Tennis? THANKS FOR BEING SO SPECIFIC.
"FUTURISM" scrawled in giant letters taking up about a quarter of a page- why? Why would I write such a thing?
"To do: buy safety goggles, look up course outline, your mum"- Really mature
"I'm hungry" is written in a list about 15 times, no wonder I understand absolutely nothing of the Impressionist movement. Also mentioned on this page is the craving I have for spaghetti.
A little cartoon of my lecturer with the caption "I hate you"

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  1. Hahahaha it's like you're describing my life :)