Monday, April 11, 2011

Clues that you may not be the most exciting person

It's Friday night. Your friend calls you to come out and drink, like most other 19-21 year olds. You ignore the call. You are wearing mismatched socks with holes, dirty pyjama pants and a torn mens hoodie in XXL. It has unidentified stains on the sleeve, possibly tomato paste. You are watching The Biggest Loser. You are alone. You are eating a family sized bag of M&Ms and crying because Lara looks so happy. This is your idea of an exciting evening. You aren't trying to be ironic.


  1. Hahahaha no, it means you're more exciting than all the sheepy people that go out and party. There's so many of them! On Saturday night I stayed in my room in my underwear watching 17 Again and eating mini frozen bruschetta, hmmm.

  2. Gracie your Saturday night sounds awesome haha! I admit I do like to go out sometimes but I really, really love being lazy.