Monday, April 18, 2011


Today I feel really grateful for my friends and everything I've shared with them. Even the first time we drank gin and my mobile phone fell out of my pocket and A threw up on it. For about 20 minutes she puked like Brundlefly, unable to move. Needless to say my parents were not impressed. Even the time we were so bored we balanced open cans of coke on top of N's car and took bets on how long one would last without spilling. Even the time E and G told us we were going to McDonald's and instead took us to their sexy math teacher's street and we hid in the back seat while they tried to work out which house was his. Especially the time we convinced S that we saw an alien at the headland and she wanted to call the police. Or the time A and I convinced S we found blood everywhere in an abandoned building and bloody writing on the walls and when she went in to take a photo we both started screaming hysterically and she nearly had a heart attack. I'll never forget how hard we laughed as she said she hated us and drove off, leaving us on the side of the road in a small country town hours away from home, laughing too hard to care, and how when we eventually calmed down we found her around the corner eating honey soy chicken chips and trying not to smile.

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