Tuesday, April 13, 2010

French lady: It is so different here. We go out in... "The Valley"?... In Queensland? and the girls, they dress, well they do not (gestures to body), they, em, wear not very much at all. Like, is it... a singlet? Or a dress? I can not tell.

My Mum: We took them (French guests) to the lookout at Bruxner Park!
Me: Did you tell them it's so nice and quiet because locals avoid Bruxner since that dead body was found there?
My Mum: ALEX! Not now. (smiles at French guests)

French guy: On April Fools' day in France, we stick things to others backs... like, "I am an arsehole. Kick me". So we put sheets on them, you know-
Dad's friend: WHAT? YOU SMEAR SHIT ON THEIR BACKS? That's not very politically correct is it?


  1. hahahaha god you're entire blog made me chuckle quite a lot
    not quite to the stage where milk ran down my nose but it was still fairly obvious i was giggling

    people are staring..its awkward
    anyway! great blog
    following xx

  2. A Coffs Harbour local, right? Me too :)

  3. oh my god shektek! small world :)xx

  4. Sure is, in Coffs at least :P

    btw whenever we had overseas guests my mum was always screeching at me to take them to Bruxner Park.