Saturday, February 6, 2010

Doppleganger Week

So I decided to give this Doppleganger week thing a crack because it seemed like fun. On my facebook live feed people are getting hilarious results like Russel Brand, Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga, and so on.
My best match was a gentlemen of mature age and asian appearance. In fact, most of my matches were male and asian. Do I look like an older asian gentleman to you? I think many of these supposed "matches" would be quite offended by that comparison. I'm not.
I also got Emma Watson. Not the stunning fashionista, Burberry-pimping, sleek-haired British beauty, but pre-leave in conditioner, Philosopher's Stone Emma Watson. So do I look like a mature asian guy or a frizzy-haired twelve year old girl? Neither? Both? To answer this mysterious riddle, I entered another photo. " could not detect a face in this photo". I entered two more. Same result. The confusing results, the lack of facial recognition. Conclusion: I have no discernable face. A Howard Moon-esque pink balloon, featureless and blank. My life finally makes sense.

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