Friday, March 19, 2010

Dear Lynx,

In your new add for 'Lynx Twist' you make a comment something along the lines of a man needs to mix it up because "women get bored easily". I would like to commend you on your touching honesty and raw talent in this filmatic masterpiece. More people should realise that women are simply disgusting. They are greedy, needy, clingy. They are manipulative and evil and good only for sucking a man dry of dignity and money. Women are empty, soulless vessels to be used only for pleasure and their looks (don't even get me started on the ugly ones). A woman could never accept a man based soley on his personality, which is illustrated beautifully in this advertisement as our hero desperately tries to entertain his fickle missus. The blonde succubus smirks and flutters her eyes and we see in this instant that she is vain and easily distracted, as all women are. Thank you, good people of Lynx, because without you all those decent menfolk out there would be otherwise unaware of the harpies that live among us. Keep fighting the good fight.

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