Thursday, January 28, 2010

My friend: Hey, you should have come out this weekend. It was pretty great. Except Louise was being a slut, as usual, with her tits flapping all over the place, and I mean literally flapping. Then this disgusting thing came over and they started dirty dancing, I mean literally dry rooting right there on the dancefloor, and I’m about to vomit, every time we go out it’s like, see the creepiest most toothless, feral person in the room? THAT’S who she aims so have sex with-

Her brother: (stops what he is doing and stres at her wordlessly)

My friend:- and it’s fucking embarassing (notices her brother) what the fuck are you looking at, ugly? anyway, Louise is such a slut. It’s so embarassing, I fucking hate going out with her. Oh God, it was so shit. Anyway, we’re going out again on Friday, you should come out with us!

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