Thursday, January 28, 2010

Overheard at the Supermarket

Woman (reading from shopping list):… and we’ll need a banana…

middle aged man: (grabs a banana and places it in trolley)

Woman: No, Did I say for you to do that-

Man (cutting her off): WELL THANK GOD I have you around to tell me what’s what! Thank the Lord that I’ve go you to inform me on such difficult matters. I’m so stupid that when you say “get a banana” my simple understanding is to pick up one of those yellow things and put it in the trolley, obviously I am totally incompetent. I’m just so lucky to have a wife who is so smart she understands what such a phrase actually entails. So, thank you darling, without you I’d be nothing, I’d be lost, unable to even obtain a single banana. You’re just so, so wonderful-

Woman: Oh, shut up

(We could still hear him going when we got to the checkouts)

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