Tuesday, May 25, 2010


One of my favourite things to do is make up silly games to amuse myself. On the train, I scout for celebrity look-alike, e.g. Susan Boyle if she was 15 years younger and had magenta hair. Warning: excessive eye contact is not recommended. Another game is Hipster or Hobo. This game was inspired by an incident where I witnessed a man with longish, messy hair, a loosely fitted button-up shirt, double-cuffed pants and a Marc Jacobs carrybag... only to realise upon closer inspection this seemingly "trendy" young man was actually a raving lunatic covered in filth. One your eyes are opened to the Hobo or Hipster riddle you can't unsee it, you. Trips to Newtown will never be the same as you question every 20-something with scraggly hair and dirty shoes. A fun game particular to parks; free spirit or corpse? A murder victim or just someone who likes sprawling out in public places to enjoy sunshine? Last but not least, I can't forget: Designer Bag or Goon Sack? Is that a shiny foil container for the sort of cheap wine that smells like piss and tastes like stomach bile? Sorry, Louis Vuitton you say? Very good. Do carry on.

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