Monday, May 17, 2010

The internet can be a scary place, but not always. Intimacies are shared, bonds are forged and you can also pretend to be a lot cooler than you really are. Yet sometimes, you read a comment or post or message from someone that just makes you pray to God you never run into this person in a dark alleyway. Found on Crime Library on an article about Ted Bundy:

"ya what some of the stuff you say is true but the serial killer that is following me around is like some of the seriarl killers you have talked about like ted bundy he liked to rape and kill people wright tis one likes to controll other people by shooting a laser beam into there brain and lowering there life they are sort of dieing when he controls them he makes sure he is very healthy and the others with him are too then they think about the person and they will think about rape murder and it makes the person think the same way our air force likes to do this with our people he has been trying this on me for alittle more than three years by giveing me great pain with a laser that comes from a jet i do belive in the controling thing i know it sounds crazy but it is true the sad thing about the laser is it is hard to see all most invisable but it can really hurt if you want to see the jets come to reno nv or sparks they will be up there oh ya this one is very sick likes the most sickest smells likes girls to leave fesees on there self for weeks at a time just a very gros person the reason i know he likes this smell i can smell through him our air force is getting sicker and sicker our us military needs to change or be destoryedddddddddddddd i know it sounds crazy but if one is really close to dieing they can really smell through another oh ya alot of our pilots flying in our skys belive shooting a laser into some ones brain it will make it stronger thats our air forces thoughts ya"

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