Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Things not to do today:
-mess up my important photomedia presentation I so diligently prepared for
-spend money
-eat junk
-forget to study
-waste time
-have too much caffiene
-make a general idiot of myself

Things I did today:
-missed my train stop
-messed up my photomedia presentation ("these...are...uh... pictures...I took. Yep. Of my friend. It's, like, fragments? Of her life?")
-bought a new book
-spent my 4 hour "study break" reading the book
-ate a cupcake
-accompanied the aforementioned cupcake with several cups of coffee
-fell over in front of a bemused dog-walker
-got rained on
-got my phone rained on
-coffee-babbled to my friend I haven't seen in, oh, seven years
-ate a cheeseburger
-picked up my course reader, stared at it, and decided this was sufficient academic activity to warrant a "quick walk"
-returned 2 hours later to clean my room
-"cleaned" by picking up a piece of paper and attempting to place it in the bin
-realised the bin was lost in a sea of clothing and art supplies
-concluded it was now time for a well-earned episode of spicks and specks
-procrastinated watching spicks and specks by writing this blog post

Oh well, it could be worse. I could be Nicky Hilton.

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