Monday, May 31, 2010

Monday morning, coffee ramblings and an empty house.

I like staring at people and drawing them in my head. People with gap teeth and freckles, or pronounced jaws or bendy noses or really wide eyes. I try really hard to memorise all the little lines and shadows in a few seconds, like the curved linears of a map. This excess of eye contact often results in being abused on public transport.

I like blogs that have photos obviously taken a) by an inexperienced photographer or b) on a not-so-great camera. They are warmer and more intimate; "this is my life and I want to share it with you, if perhaps clumsily". I enjoy ones with little spelling mistakes or grammar errors, there's something naive and endearing about this. YES I KNOW GRAMMAR POLICE, it's destroying the english language etc etc. But there's something just... nice about it. Human.

One of my favourite things is seeing all the little things people scribble in the margin of their paper. As you can imagine art students are particularly guilty of this, and my monday lecture is a smorgasboard of beautiful pen-drawings and ink-heavy scrawled headings. There's this man who brings his young son to the lecture every week and my friend and I always try to sit behind him because he does these amazing drawings of fantastical creatures. People always whine about the monday lecture, "It's sooo boring I wouldn't even go if it wasn't for my tute after". "Yeah I know" I say absent-mindedly, even though my tute isn't until tuesday late morning and i've never missed a lecture.

I like op-shopping. I think acceptance of this has definitely grown but some people still get funny about it. I actually remember a friend saying, "But what if someone died in that dress? I mean, why else would you give it away?". I like knowing clothing I have has been possibly worn by a random shop assistant or accountant that I pass of the street every day.

I like walking normally and peacefully for a long time and then jumping and screaming and running to frighten whoever I'm with. It's cathartic. Also making sandwiches.

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  1. Ha-ha. I love scribbling in the margins of my paper. Most of the time it's just scribbling though. I'm soooo creative. Lol. xD